About Diapedia

Diapedia is an open-access, peer-reviewed, unbiased and up-to-date knowledge base about all aspects of diabetes mellitus. Diapedia has been created by a worldwide network of diabetes professionals. Anyone with professional experience in the field of diabetes can contribute, either by commenting upon an article, or by becoming a moderator.

The internet is the first point of reference for most people seeking information about diabetes. There are many excellent websites for patients, but there is no authoritative, peer-reviewed and regularly revised point of reference for investigators, students and members of the public seeking up-to-date information. Printed textbooks are becoming obsolete, and there is no integrated, interactive and reliable source of information to take their place.

We propose a worldwide free-to-view forum for information about diabetes, catering to professionals and non-professionals alike. Once implemented, Diapedia could provide a model vehicle for information about many other medical conditions.

Diapedia can be used either as a textbook or as an encyclopedia. It provides independent information and comment to the diabetes community, and sets out to do so in a way that is (so far as possible) free from bias or dogma. It has no involvement whatsoever with any company with a financial interest in the field of diabetes.

Could your expertise help us to improve Diapedia? Do you wish to become a moderator? Then why don't you contact us at: contact@diapedia.org