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You cannot hide, but you can run! Exercise and type 2 diabetes revisited.

1 August 2014 - Medical Journals, Editor's Corner

Everyone agrees that exercise is good for those with and without diabetes. However, what sounds good in theory, is a bit more difficult to prove in real life. A clear effect of lifestyle intervention on hard outcomes has yet to be demonstrated. However, if we look at surrogate outcomes such as (...) Read more

Beyond depression: mental disorders in diabetes

19 February 2014 - Medical Journals, Editor's Corner

It has been known for several years that a strong bidirectional relationship exists between diabetes and depression. Observational studies show that depression usually predates diabetes and that the presence of depression increases the risk of future diabetes; but diabetes also increases the ri(...) Read more

Not the most wonderful time of the year: effects of the influenza season on working-age adults with diabetes

26 January 2014 - Medical Journals, Editor's Corner

While adopted in many countries, there is considerable debate about the usefulness of vaccination against influenza. This debate hinges on two elements. Firstly, the absolute risks of influenza and its sequelae in the groups to be vaccinated; and secondly, the intrinsic efficacy of the vaccine,(...) Read more

The Look of Lifestyle after LOOK AHEAD

25 June 2013 - Medical Journals, Editor's Corner

The results of the LOOK AHEAD trial were made public at the American Diabetes Association's 2013 conference. This trial found no benefit of intensive lifestyle therapy on 'hard' vascular outcomes during almost 10 years of follow up. However, this does not mean that lifestyle advi(...) Read more

No magic bullets: more setbacks on the road to immune intervention in type 1 diabetes

6 June 2013 - Hot Topics, Medical Journals, Drug Watch

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Smoking during pregnancy brings yet another danger to the offspring

21 May 2013 - Medical Journals

The detrimental effects of smoking are wide and varied and besides affecting the smoker also affects his or her family. For instance, it was already known that smoking during pregnancy leads to children with lower birth weights. Now a study by dr. Mattsson and coworkers published online in Diab(...) Read more

Atheroma? Ask Mummy

8 April 2013 - Medical Journals

We are often told that atheroma is a 20th century disease due to our modern lifestyle. Not so. It has long been known that Egyptian mummies show vascular calcification, but it's been assumed that this was a natural consequence of the ageing process. More recently, techniques have evolved t(...) Read more

Screening for diabetes is probably useless

8 December 2012 - Medical Journals

Given the increasing prevalence of diabetes and the possible benefits of early diabetes treatment, population screening has been under consideration in many countries. However, Simmons and colleagues demonstrate that even when limiting screening to a high risk population there is no ultimate be(...) Read more

Too much of a good thing: further evidence for the harm of dual RAAS blockade

6 November 2012 - Medical Journals, Drug Watch

Inhibition of the renin-angiotensin aldosteron system through the use of Angiotensin Converting Enzyme (ACE) Inhibitors has been a major advance in the prevention of cardiovascular and renal complications in diabetes. The ACE-inhibitors were followed by Angiotensin Receptor Blockers (ARBs) and (...) Read more

ORIGIN: no demonstrable benefits, yet beneficial.

18 September 2012 - Medical Journals, Drug Watch

These days, many of us seem to feel that every new large trial brings new disappointment. Following VADT, ADVANCE and ACCORD, many may have anticipated the negative results of ORIGIN (N Engl J Med 2012; 367:319-328) and the question arises whether any of the currently running large ‘hard-endpoi(...) Read more