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Sugary drinks are such sweet sorrow

10 May 2015 - Hot Topics, Medical Journals, Editor's Corner

A study in the last issue of Diabetologia contributes further evidence to the harms of consuming to much sugar sweetened drinks. Using data obtained in the prospective EPIC-Norfolk study, Laura O'Connor and colleagues from Cambridge University show that for each 5% increase of a person’s t(...) Read more

Diabetologia February issue now available

14 January 2015 - Hot Topics, Medical Journals, Drug Watch

The February content of Diabetologia, the official journal of EASD is now available. Below you will find a link to the full content, and an abstract of open access articles selected by the editor, Juleen Zierath. Read more

No magic bullets: more setbacks on the road to immune intervention in type 1 diabetes

6 June 2013 - Hot Topics, Medical Journals, Drug Watch

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A shrinking pancreas predicts type 1 diabetes

11 April 2013 - Hot Topics

It has long been known that the exocrine pancreas shrinks in long-term type 1 diabetes. The reason for this (and for the decreased pancreatic weight also seen in type 2 diabetes) is unknown, although some have suggested that it might be due to loss of the trophic effect of insulin leaving the p(...) Read more

Troubles ahead for the incretin therapies?

29 March 2013 - Hot Topics

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