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Sugary drinks are such sweet sorrow

10 May 2015 - Hot Topics, Medical Journals, Editor's Corner

A study in the last issue of Diabetologia contributes further evidence to the harms of consuming to much sugar sweetened drinks. Using data obtained in the prospective EPIC-Norfolk study, Laura O'Connor and colleagues from Cambridge University show that for each 5% increase of a person’s t(...) Read more

Is a Breakfast like a King and a Supper like a Pauper good for type 2 diabetes?

7 March 2015 - Medical Journals, Editor's Corner

A recent paper in Diabetologia adds further evidence that meal pattern and contribution to overall energy (and macronutrient) intake may be of equal importance when deciding what macronutrient profiles are optimal to help with the management of type 2 diabetes. An earlier study published in Di(...) Read more

You cannot hide, but you can run! Exercise and type 2 diabetes revisited.

1 August 2014 - Medical Journals, Editor's Corner

Everyone agrees that exercise is good for those with and without diabetes. However, what sounds good in theory, is a bit more difficult to prove in real life. A clear effect of lifestyle intervention on hard outcomes has yet to be demonstrated. However, if we look at surrogate outcomes such as (...) Read more

Beyond depression: mental disorders in diabetes

19 February 2014 - Medical Journals, Editor's Corner

It has been known for several years that a strong bidirectional relationship exists between diabetes and depression. Observational studies show that depression usually predates diabetes and that the presence of depression increases the risk of future diabetes; but diabetes also increases the ri(...) Read more

Not the most wonderful time of the year: effects of the influenza season on working-age adults with diabetes

26 January 2014 - Medical Journals, Editor's Corner

While adopted in many countries, there is considerable debate about the usefulness of vaccination against influenza. This debate hinges on two elements. Firstly, the absolute risks of influenza and its sequelae in the groups to be vaccinated; and secondly, the intrinsic efficacy of the vaccine,(...) Read more

Rumours of beta cell death in type 1 diabetes are exaggerated

18 December 2013 - Editor's Corner

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The Look of Lifestyle after LOOK AHEAD

25 June 2013 - Medical Journals, Editor's Corner

The results of the LOOK AHEAD trial were made public at the American Diabetes Association's 2013 conference. This trial found no benefit of intensive lifestyle therapy on 'hard' vascular outcomes during almost 10 years of follow up. However, this does not mean that lifestyle advi(...) Read more

What's in a name?

11 June 2013 - Editor's Corner

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Incretin effects in the human pancreas

8 April 2013 - Editor's Corner

Exposure to incretin therapy has been reported to show proliferative effects on both the endocrine and exocrine pancreas in some animal models. Alex Butler and colleagues now provide the first description of human pancreas derived from donors on incretin based therapy and report increased pancr(...) Read more