Diabetologia March issue now available

2 March 2016 (12:15 PM) - Medical Journals

The March content of Diabetologia, the official journal of EASD is now available. Below you will find a link to the full content, and an abstract of open access articles selected by the editor, Sally Marshall.

The whole table of contents can be found here

Articles selected by the editor

Blood-based signatures in type 1 diabetes by Susanne M. Cabrera, Yi-Guang Chen, William A. Hagopian, Martin J. Hessner

Metformin and the gastrointestinal tract by Laura J. McCreight, Clifford J. Bailey, Ewan R. Pearson

Innate biology versus lifestyle behaviour in the aetiology of obesity and type 2 diabetes: the GLACIER Study by Alaitz Poveda, Robert W. Koivula, Shafqat Ahmad, Inês Barroso, Göran Hallmans, Ingegerd Johansson, Frida Renström, Paul W. Franks

Ageing is associated with molecular signatures of inflammation and type 2 diabetes in rat pancreatic islets by Ionel Sandovici, Constanze M. Hammerle, Wendy N. Cooper, Noel H. Smith, L. Tarry-Adkins, Benjamin J. Dunmore, Julien Bauer, Simon R. Andrews, Giles S. H. Yeo, Susan E. Ozanne, Miguel Constância

The implications of autoantibodies to a single islet antigen in relatives with normal glucose tolerance: development of other autoantibodies and progression to type 1 diabetes by Polly J. Bingley, David C. Boulware, Jeffrey P. Krischer, the Type 1 Diabetes TrialNet Study Group