Diabetologia October issue now available

2 October 2015 (08:32 AM) - Medical Journals

The October content of Diabetologia, the official journal of EASD is now available. Below you will find a link to the full content, and an abstract of open access articles selected by the editor, Juleen Zierath.

The whole table of contents can be found here

Articles selected by the editor

Gut microorganisms as promising targets for the management of type 2 diabetes by Nathalie M. Delzenne, Patrice D. Cani, Amandine Everard, Audrey M. Neyrinck, Laure B. Bindels

Excessive gestational weight gain prior to glucose screening and the risk of gestational diabetes: a meta-analysis by Stefanie Brunner, Lynne Stecher, Stephanie Ziebarth, Ina Nehring, Sheryl L. Rifas-Shiman, Christine Sommer, Hans Hauner, Rüdiger von Kries

The effect of thiazolidinediones on bone mineral density and bone turnover: systematic review and meta-analysis by Emma O. Billington, Andrew Grey, Mark J. Bolland

Risk factors for atrial fibrillation in type 2 diabetes: report from the Swedish National Diabetes Register (NDR) by Björn Zethelius, Soffia Gudbjörnsdottir, Björn Eliasson, Katarina Eeg-Olofsson, Ann-Marie Svensson, Jan Cederholm

Impact of combined resistance and aerobic exercise training on branched-chain amino acid turnover, glycine metabolism and insulin sensitivity in overweight humans by Erin L. Glynn, Lucy W. Piner, Kim M. Huffman, Cris A. Slentz, Lorraine Elliot-Penry, Hiba AbouAssi, Phillip J. White, James R. Bain, Michael J. Muehlbauer, Olga R. Ilkayeva, Robert D. Stevens, Kathryn N. Porter Starr, Connie W. Bales, Elena Volpi, M. Julia Brosnan, Jeff K. Trimmer, Timothy P. Rolph, Christopher B. Newgard, William E. Kraus