Diabetologia February issue now available

14 January 2015 (12:50 PM) - Hot Topics, Medical Journals, Drug Watch

The February content of Diabetologia, the official journal of EASD is now available. Below you will find a link to the full content, and an abstract of open access articles selected by the editor, Juleen Zierath.

The whole table of contents can be found here

Articles selected by the editor

Mechanisms underlying weight loss and metabolic improvements in rodent models of bariatric surgery by Deanna M. Arble, Darleen A. Sandoval, Randy J. Seeley

GLUT2, glucose sensing and glucose homeostasis by Bernard Thorens

Sex-specific differences in diabetes prevention: a systematic review and meta-analysis by Anna Glechner, Jürgen Harreiter, Gerald Gartlehner, Sonja Rohleder, Alexander Kautzky, Jaakko Tuomilehto, Megan van Noord, Angela Kaminski-Hartenthaler, Alexandra Kautzky-Willer

Low-energy diets differing in fibre, red meat and coffee intake equally improve insulin sensitivity in type 2 diabetes: a randomised feasibility trial by Bettina Nowotny, Lejla Zahiragic, Alessandra Bierwagen, Stefan Kabisch, Jan B. Groener, Peter J. Nowotny, Ann Kristin Fleitmann, Christian Herder, Giovanni Pacini, Iris Erlund, Rikard Landberg, Hans-Ulrich Haering, Andreas F.H. Pfeiffer, Peter P. Nawroth, Michael Roden

Calcium influx activates adenylyl cyclase 8 for sustained insulin secretion in rat pancreatic beta cells by Haiqiang Dou, Changhe Wang, Xi Wu, Lijun Yao, Xiaoyu Zhang, Sasa Teng, Huadong Xu, Bin Liu, Qihui Wu, Quanfeng Zhang, Meiqin Hu, Yeshi Wang, Li Wang, Yi Wu, Shujiang Shang, Xinjiang Kang, Lianghong Zheng, Jin Zhang, Matthieu Raoux, Jochen Lang, Qing Li, Jing Su, Xiao Yu, Liangyi Chen, Zhuan Zhou