Andrews, Robert

Robert Andrews

Rob Andrews is a Consultant Senior Lecturer at the University of Bristol and an Honorary Consultant Physician at Musgrove Park Hospital Taunton.

At the University he leads a group that researches the role that exercise and diet can play in the prevention and management of the metabolic syndrome. Two years ago this group completed a large community trial that looked at the effect of diet and exercise in patients with newly diagnosed Type 2 Diabetes (Early ACTID). On going studies include the development of a brief evidence-based tool to assess dietary intake and promote healthy dietary change for people with Type 2 diabetes; how exercise can affect beta cell function in Type 1 diabetes (EXTOD) and the role the sedentary time has in the metabolic characteristics of patients with Type 2 diabetes (STAMP 2).

Rob also works with medical charities and government bodies to develop practical guidelines for health professionals to advice patients how to exercise and regularly gives advice to elite athletes who have Type 1 diabetes.