Jenkins, Alicia

Alicia  Jenkins

Professor Alicia Jenkins is a diabetes specialist interested in the prediction and prevention of the vascular complications of diabetes. After completing her physician and research training in Melbourne she undertook 7 years full-time research in the USA, prior to returning to the University of Melbourne in 2000 and relocating to the University of Sydney in 2013. She also holds a 20% appointment in the Centre for Experimental Medicine at Queens University Belfast. She provides patient care in diabetes clinics and leads a research group based at the University of Sydney, NHMRC Clinical Trials Centre, with national and international collaboration. She and her colleagues conduct clinical and laboratory research into diabetic eye, kidney and vascular damage and the use of technology and telemedicine in diabetes care. She has over 160 scientific publications and has trained over 25 medical researchers to date. Translating knowledge from research into practice to benefit people in the real world are important to Alicia, so she has been an Australian Diabetes Society Council Member and is also actively involved in several diabetes charities (Insulin For Life and Life For a Child) that provide diabetes care resources to disadvantaged countries. The team’s research is supported by the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, Australia’s NHMRC, National Heart Foundation and the Fred Hollows Foundation.