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You cannot hide, but you can run! Exercise and type 2 diabetes revisited.

Everyone agrees that exercise is good for those with and without diabetes. However, what sounds good in theory, is a bit more difficult to prove in real life. A clear effect of lifestyle intervention on hard outcomes has yet to be demonstrated. However, if we look at surrogate outcomes such as HbA1c, there is consistent and compelling evidence that exercise is beneficial. A new meta-analysis in Diabetologia aimed to settle the question what was most effective: supervised aerobic exercise training, resistance training, or a combination of both.

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@cbelfring That is one of the big problems in treating diabetes (and other diseases): we still cannot fully explain individual differences

Diabetes mellitus is an occasional feature of a range of genetic syndromes. Find out which at our site: http://t.co/Xc3YT1gLHe

Clinical trials have shown that individuals with a high risk for diabetes can significantly reduce that risk: http://t.co/I2ZPclI6z2

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